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Registration FAQ

When is Registration?

Registration typically begins in early September and continues until a November deadline or when the divisions become full.

Online registration is available and preferred. Payment is made by credit card. Registration confirmation is immediate.

Don't delay. All our programs fill up very quickly.


Can I Register Online?

Yes, you can.

In 2005, the registrar started to strongly dislike paper forms and deciphering people's handwriting. Now we get you to do the work of putting all the information correctly into the computer (but we made the process very simple).

Can I Register In Person?

We no longer offer in person registration.

If you have questions about our programs, feel free to email us. If you would rather pay the registration by cheque or cash, email us and we can work something out. We're always hanging around the neighbourhood and near the rink. Please contact The Registrar.

Where Can I Find A Registration Form?

We no longer offered the option of printing a registration form. This shift has greatly simplified the entire process for the league's volunteers.

If you cannot register online, please contact The Registrar.

Can I Play Elsewhere (House, Select, GTHL, or Junior) and Also Play at Swansea?

If the player is participating in another House League or Select Program, please let us know the league and level. This assists us as we attempt to create fairly balanced teams.

For a variety of reasons, including Hockey Canada rules, we are unable to accept registrations for individuals playing Minor Hockey at the A, AA, or AAA level. Similarly, we are also unable to accept registrations for individuals playing at any level of Junior Hockey. If a player is found in violations of these rules, Hockey Canada can impose sanctions against both the individual player, the player's Minor or Junior team, and the player's Minor or Junior organization.

I Want to Help, But I Can't Skate

No problem. You can still get involved.

In the Learn To Skate program, we encourage parents to come on the ice, with skates, as your children participate. There's actually a lot of parents in this neighbourhood who learned to skate by quietly following along with their kids. Find yourself a pair of skates and helmet and join us.

For the hockey programs, there's still lots you can do by coaching a team (which really isn't much more than encouraging the kids and opening the door).

And if you want to help behind the scenes, shoot us an e-mail.

What are the Divisions and Ages?

For our house league hockey program, we usually have 5 divisions. We group the divisions in 2 or 3 year age brackets that work well for our league, although with some adjustment to account for differences in skill levels as between individuals.

For reasons that no one knows and we can't be bothered to change, our division names don't line up with the rest of the hockey world.

Age   Swansea Hockey   Everyone Else
6   Novice   Tyke (the first year of Select rep. hockey)
7   Novice   Minor Novice
8   Novice   Novice
9   Minor Atom   Minor Atom 
10   Minor Atom   Atom
11   Atom   Minor Peewee
12   Atom   Peewee
13   Peewee   Minor Bantam
14   Peewee   Bantam
15   Peewee or Bantam   Minor Midget (OHL draft year)
16   Bantam   Midget Junior, Junior A,B,C, OHL
17   Bantam   Midget Senior, Junior A,B,C, OHL

Aside from our names not lining up, it seems rather odd to call a 17-year-old a Midget. Go figure.

Who Are The Goalies?

Anyone who is interested in playing goal will have an opportunity.

For the young ages in house league, typically every kid wants to try. Some find out very quickly that's it not for them. Some get hooked and never look back.

For the older age groups, kids have sorted things out and know where they want to be. Teams will have only a few people interested. For this reason, our registration form asks if players are interested in being a full-time goalie.

If a player is only interested in being a part-time goalie, please put that in the comment section. 

The league provides all the goalie equipment needed. There's no need for families to invest in goalie equipment. If you do decide to buy equipment, track down the webmaster and ask him for some guidance.

Can An 18 Year Old Register?

For a couple of years, we experimented with 18 year olds in the league. This allowed the few high school students who are completing an extra year to continue with the league. However, we found this disrupted the competitive balance of oldest division. For this reason, we've gone back to having 17 as our upper age.

When Are The Games?

The game schedule is created once registration is mostly complete. This gives the league an opportunity to create balanced teams within each division. We also attempt to create a schedule that minimizes conflicts with other local house league hockey programs.

Specific schedules will be posted just before the season starts. Upcoming games will be shown on the front page of the website. The full games schedule is available from a link in the main menu.

To help in planning your own coming schedules, we can tell you that in previous years the schedule looked something like:

  • Learn-to-Skate (3 - 6 year olds): Saturdays at 11am on the hockey rink 
  • Learn-to-Play-Hockey (4 - 6 year olds): Saturdays at 12noon or 1pm on the hockey rink
  • Novice Hockey (7 - 8 year olds): Saturdays between 2pm and 5pm. Occasional Sunday morning games or practices at 8am or 9am (once you get the players out of bed, these early mornings are actually a lot of fun!). Occasional weeknight (Monday or Tuesday) evening games or practices at 6pm. No more than 2 times a week on ice.
  • Minor Atom Hockey (9 - 10 year olds): Late Saturday afternoons. Possibly a Sunday morning game at 8am or 9am. Occasional weeknight (Monday or Tuesday) early evening games.
  • Atom Hockey (11 - 12 year olds): Saturday evenings. Likely one game a week on either Monday or Tuesday.
  • Peewee Hockey (13 - 15 year olds): Likely one to two games per week on Mondays and/or Tuesdays. 
  • Bantam Hockey (15 - 17 year olds): Monday and/or Tuesday evening at 9:00pm.

Please use this as a guideline only. We may not adhere to this schedule once we know how many players are in the league this year and whether other local leagues have changed their own schedules.


Can Girls Join the League

Of course!

Mixing boys and girls in our league has never been a problem, either on the ice or in the locker rooms.

In fairness, we should also tell you that we share the rink with the Swansea Girls Hockey League. They also have a great program.


I Want To Change My Registration

No problem. Simply e-mail The Registrar.

If you want to add the Just For Fun Tournament, you will need to wait until December 4 to go online and register again so remember to register for the JFF Tournament when you do the house league registration.  


Program Fees and Payment Methods

One of our goals is to offer a very affordable introduction to skating and hockey, a house league program, and a mid-winter fun tournament. With the generous help of our sponsors and supporters, we're able to keep our program fees in the $100 to $150 range for the season. The exact fee for the season is determined over the summer as we assess our anticipated costs for ice time, player jerseys, trophies, equipment repair and replacement, and a host of other items.

The specific fees for the current season are listed in the description of each program and on the registration page.

All program registrations are done through our website. Credit Card is the easiest and quickest for you and the league. We use PayPal to securely handle these transactions. If this option don't work for you, Contact Us.

I'm Tight For Money

Relax. We would rather have our kids playing hockey than sitting on the sideline.

We understand that sometimes you've got to balance a lot of expenses and their timing. Just let us know and we can work something out.

We would far rather delay cashing cheque than having it returned because of insufficient funds. (And for an NSF cheque, we will have to ask you also pay the penalty that the bank charges us -- sorry).

Regardless, all fees have to be paid in full or waived by the time the season starts. If the fees aren't paid in full or waived, then we'll have to pass the spot on the team along to someone else who is on our waitlist.

If money's an issue -- please let us know by contacting The Registrar and we can work something out.


Why Does The League Ask For So Much Registration Information?

The online registration forms really are not too bad -- they just look long.

We require the parent's and player's names and contact information. That's pretty obvious.

We ask for the player's birthdate so we can initially assign them to a division. Knowledge of the player's past and current playing experience, both at Swansea and elsewhere, is used to appropriately balance teams and adjust the player into an older or younger division. We ask for the players' gender to assist us in balancing teams. We ask for the player's height and weight to assist with divisional placement and jersey sizing. Consideration of these factors helps the league to develop a fair and safe playing environment.

If you have any car-pooling arrangements or the player wished to be on a team with a friend, please let us know if the comment box. We might be able to accommodate you (but no promises).

There are four waivers that you are required for you to complete registration. If you have any concerns about these, feel free to ask us.

What About The Children's Fitness Tax Credit?

The Children's Fitness Tax Credit was discontinued beginning with the 2017 tax year.

In the 2006 budget, the Government of Canada proposed a Children's Fitness Tax Credit of up to $500 which came into effect on January 1, 2007. For most people, it applied to registration fees paid for an eligible program of physical activity for children under 16 years of age.

Information about the Children's Fitness Tax Credit is found at https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/programs/about-canada-revenue-agency-cra/federal-government-budgets/budget-2016-growing-middle-class/childrens-fitness-arts-tax-credits.html.

Tax receipts for past seasons are downloadable from the Registration Confirmation page. Be sure to select the correct season from the available options.


Can I Get a Refund?

Refunds will not be issued after December 31.

If a refund is requested on or before this date, a full or pro-rated refund will be provided less a $20 fee.

The reason we withhold some funds is that we have numerous items that have to be ordered and paid for well before the beginning of the season. The pre-season expenses include payment to the City of Toronto for the ice rental, the purchase of jerseys and socks, and a fee to PayPal for each online registration.

If a program refund is required, please send an email to The Registrar.


Do You Have A League Telephone Number?

For many years we maintained a telephone hotline. The diminished use of the phone line led to a decision to discontinue it in 2008 as more people turned to our website for information.


Security of Information

Our online registration process has information flowing to two different servers.

All player information is stored on our password protected database server as part of our web hosting package.

The financial transactions involving credit cards are handled by PayPal through their secure website involving encrypted communications with your computer. Credit card information is never handled by the Swansea Hockey Association. All that we receive from PayPal is confirmation of your payment (and, of course, your payment so we can buy jersey, trophies, hire referees, and do all the things needed to run a fun league for the season).


Where's Your Privacy Statement?

I guess it would be here.

Any information you provide to us will only be used to run our programs for the participants. We will not collect any information that does not help to run the programs.

The City of Toronto sometimes requires a list of our participants and their addresses to verify that a significant portion of our players live in Toronto. This gives us a reduced rate on the ice rental fee.

Our insurance company sometimes requires a list of our participants in order to support our insurance policy which is present for the benefit of all of us.

With the exception of these two parties, we will never share or sell our participant information to other parties.

There's probably a lot more we could or should say, but that's the gist of it.

What Is Your Email Policy?

We're aware that Canada has anti-spam email legislation.

When you register for our programs, we ask for your preferences regarding email communication but we also feel there's an implied consent to receive email (e.g. you want to know when your child is on the ice). We try to respect your preferences as much as possible. For emails coming from our website, we provide an 'unsubscribe' link. Coaches may also use email to communicate with you.

We don't send out too many emails.

Basically, if you're getting an email from us, we're not trying to annoy you. We just want to keep you informed about our great league and your involvement in it.

If you have other questions, feel free to Contact Us.