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End Of An Era

Dear Parents and Players,

As we achieved the milestone of 50 years as a thriving hockey organization, the Swansea Hockey Association has reached the difficult decision to shut down operations. We are confronted by our shared reality of increasingly unpredictable weather conditions and continually shortening skating seasons. A standalone, outdoor-only hockey league is no longer tenable.

The George Bell Hockey Association has kindly agreed to assume all our ice slots at Rennie Rink and incorporate this outdoor ice time into their own similar programs ensuring that organized Learn to Skate and Hockey continues at Rennie Rink.

Registration for George Bell’s 2024-2025 indoor programs opened on APRIL 1, 2024 at www.gbha.ca.

Registration for George Bell’s 2024-2025 outdoor programs at Rennie Park will open on SEPTEMBER 1, 2024 at www.gbha.ca. Fees for these outdoor programs will be similar to the Swansea Hockey Association’s fees, but will require an additional Hockey Canada fee.

We will send you a registration reminder in late August. As with the Swansea Hockey Association programs, it is best to register as early as possible to ensure a spot.

We want to thank Toronto Parks & Recreation, the parents, rink volunteers, coaches, sponsors, referees, and members of the executive who, over the past 50 years, made the Swansea Hockey Association possible. Of course, we also want to acknowledge each player who braved the cold and laced up their skates each week.

Various hockey leagues preceded the Swansea Hockey Association at Rennie Rink and in our community. We are proud of our role in carrying the torch for 50 years. We are grateful to the George Bell Hockey Association for its willingness to continue community-based skating and hockey programs outdoors. We look forward to supporting and cheering for the kids at Rennie Rink next year.

Thank you for understanding.

The Executive of the Swansea Hockey Association

League Champions

Congratulations to the players on the following championship teams and to all the players in the league for a fantastic season.

Minor Atom Champions: McDonald's Red

Atom Champions: Pivot

Peewee Champions: Jeffery Construction

50 Years of Swansea Hockey

The Swansea Hockey Association is the largest not-for-profit outdoor hockey league in North America. The 2023/2024 season is our 50th season. In those 50 years, more than 25,000 boys and girls between the age of 3 and 17 participated in the greatest outdoor league in North America. None of it would be possible without the continuous support of the City of Toronto, Toronto Parks and Recreation, all of the past and present sponsors, and countless hours by the thousands of volunteers.

Braving the Canadian winter, players thrive in an atmosphere of encouragement and fair play. It's a low-key, fun, and safe environment for players and parents to learn to skate, learn hockey, enjoy the sport, and spend time with friends in the outdoors.

Our home rink, located in Swansea's Rennie Park, has been described as a "jewel" in the middle of a big city -- a tie that binds our tightly-knit community together. Overlooking the ice is the David H. Williams Clubhouse which is named after the first president, and one of the founders of the league. The facility is also home to the Swansea Girls Hockey League and the Swansea Figure Skating Association.

We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to Contact Us.